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Into The Cyberverse: Episode 2
In Production

Episode 2 of Into The Cyberverse sees our player joining forces with a team of interstellar rebels on a journey to fight the evil Bishop head-on. What twists await the team as they evade the guards and stealth their way into Souken territory?

Slated for 2024

Settlers of Ariel
Released / Ongoing Production

Settlers of Ariel is an ongoing series of interactivity and lore drops between Episode 1 and Episode 3. Take Ownership of your Escape Pod, which has hurtled through space to embed itself in the fertile soil of The Valley, on the light side of Ariel. Unlock your pod with episodic thrilling escape room style gameplay, where each new update will bring a new room or challenge or feature or story to your pod space, culimanating in the unveiling of your main living space, and the door into the wider world of The Valley, where Episode 3 begins from your front doorstep.

Updates to continue through 2024/25

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To start playing in your Pod, file a ticket with the Uranus Settlement Corps on Discord.

Into The Cyberverse: Episode 3
In Production

Episode 3 of Into the Cyberverse takes place in The Valley, a region of habitable climate on Ariel founded by the Uranus Settlement Corps.

Slated for 2024/25

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